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Serendipaceratops arthurcclarkei

Dinosaur: Serendipaceratops arthurcclarkei 

Type: Ankylosaur

Length*: 3.2 m 10.5 ft
Weight*: 350 kg 772 lb
*The largest known specimen

ESR: 1 / 4 (estimated size reliability)


Epoch: Early Cretaceous
Stage: Early Aptian


Status: valid
Autor: Rich & Vickers-Rich
Year: 2003
Area: Australia
Country: Australia
Region: Victoria
Formation: Wonthaggi


Material: Ulna.
References: Thomas H. Rich, Benjamin P. Kear, Robert Sinclair, Brenda Chinnery, Kenneth Carpenter, Mary L. McHugh & Patricia Vickers-Rich, (2014), "Serendipaceratops arthurcclarkei Rich & Vickers-Rich, 2003 is an Australian Early Cretaceous ceratopsian".


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