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Lutungutali sitwensis

Dinosaur: Lutungutali sitwensis

Length*: 1.4 m 4.6 ft
Weight*: 8.5 kg 19 lb
*The largest known specimen

ESR: 3 / 4 (estimated size reliability)


Epoch: Late Triassic
Stage: Earliest Carnian


Status: valid
Autor: Peecook et al.
Year: 2013
Area: Africa
Country: Zambia
Region: Eastern Province
Formation: Ntawere


Material: Fragmentary skeleton, referred other individuals (problematic) ?
References: Peecook et al. (2013). "A new silesaurid from the upper Ntawere Formation of Zambia (Middle Triassic) demonstrates the rapid diversification of Silesauridae (Avemetatarsalia, Dinosauriformes)".


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