AfricaDinosauriaLate TriassicSilesauridaeSulcimentisauria

Diodorus scytobrachion

Dinosaur: Diodorus scytobrachion

Length*:1.75 m5.7 ft
Weight*:15.5 kg34 lb
ESR: 2 / 4 (estimated size reliability)
*The largest known specimen


Epoch: Late Triassic
Stage: Carnian -Norian


Status: valid
Autor: Kammerer, Nesbitt & Shubin
Year: 2011
Area: Africa
Country: Morocco
Region: Souss-Massa
Formation: Timezgadiouine


Material: Partial right dentary, referred teeth, humeri, metatarsal and femur.
References: Kammerer, C.F., Nesbitt, S.J., Shubin, N.H. (2012). The first basal dinosauriform (Silesauridae) from the Late Triassic of Morocco.


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