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Adratiklit boulahfa

Dinosaur: Adratiklit boulahfa

Type: Stegosaur

Length*:6.6 m21.7 ft
Weight*:1.9 tons4,189 lb
ESR: 2 / 4 (estimated size reliability)
*The largest known specimen


Epoch: Middle Jurassic
Stage: Bathonian


Status: valid
Autor: Maidment et al.
Year: 2019
Area: Africa
Country: Morocco
Region: Fès-Meknès
Formation: El Mers II


Material: Dorsal vertebra and referred three cervical vertebrae, one dorsal vertebra and left humerus.
References: Maidment, Susannah C. R.; Raven, Thomas J.; Ouarhache, Driss; Barrett, Paul M. (2019). "North Africa's first stegosaur: Implications for Gondwanan thyreophoran dinosaur diversity".


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