• Photo of Man-eaters: Two-Toed Tom

    Man-eaters: Two-Toed Tom

    Two-Toed Tom – a demon coming from hell How much truth, and how much fairy tale contains the story of…

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  • Photo of Man-eaters: Crocodile Gustave

    Man-eaters: Crocodile Gustave

    Gustave crocodile – the largest contemporary man-eater Gustave is the largest man-eater which lives nowadays. It is a Nile crocodile,…

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  • Photo of Man-eaters: The Champawat Tiger

    Man-eaters: The Champawat Tiger

    Tigress from Champawat It is well known today that the Bengali tigers are, to put it mildly, not very friendly…

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  • Photo of Beast of Gévaudan

    Beast of Gévaudan

    Beast of Gévaudan (La Bête du Gévaudan) The events presented in the film “The Wolf Brotherhood” (fr. Le pacte des loups)…

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