• Orangutan – a forest man

    Orangutan (Pongo) – a forest man The Malay word “orangutan” (Orang Hutan) literally means “man from the forest”. It turns…

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  • Bili apes – lion killers

    Chimpanzees from Bili Forest For about 100 years, people have been talking about giant chimpanzees from northern Congo, which are…

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  • Gelada – bleeding-heart monkey

    Gelada (Theropithecus gelada) This species successfully rejects the stereotype of monkeys as forest animals that love to live on trees.…

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  • Yowie – Australian Yeti

    Yowie – Yeti from Australia Yowie, like Yeti is often presented as a dangerous, unpredictable and wild creature. How much…

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  • Orang Pendek – the small man

    Orang Pendek A healthy skepticism is a key to be a real scientist. In this case, a word “healthy” is…

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